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Full Carpet Dyeing

Changing the colour of your carpets is a luxury service that can save you thousands of dollars. We have redyed complete hotels and office buildings saving owners hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We pride ourselves on offering value for money.  No other renovation you can do will offer the same impact or improvement for the money and time invested

At Australian Carpet Dyeing our main service is on-floor, complete colour changes. Our quicker drying, cleaner process is suitable for most wool and nylon carpets and their blends. It is not however suitable for acrylic or polypropylene.

On light/neutral coloured carpets we offer an unlimited choice of colours; however certain permanent stains or specific damage may require darker colours to cover and restore. Your Australian Carpet Dyeing technician will advise you on this.

Australian Carpet Dyeing
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Carpet Re-colouring

So, you’re building a new home, fully renovating an existing house, or thinking of selling your home or just need to freshen up a tired room or two, where do you start?  Put a fresh updated colour on your carpets with Australian Carpet Services full room carpet dyeing service.

Our dyes are 100% colourfast. They can be walked on immediately and will not wash out, clean out, or wipe off. The dyes are also non-toxic and odourless.

Australian Dyeing Carpets are experts in restoring the initial beauty of the carpet resulting in a stunning and dazzling look!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many uses for our services but the most common would be properties being renovated or on the market, tenants moving in/out and the carpets are worse for wear and unpresentable. Child and pet damage, offices, hotels, schools, even caravans have been restored with the Australian Carpet Dyeing system. Carpets with useable life that are tired, grubby and stained can be revived.

Yes, of course. It can be cleaned in the same manner as any new carpet. Your Australian Carpet Dyeing operator can also clean it, richer colours however will be easier to live with and will hide future stains/spills more easily. It will also require less frequent cleaning. Bleach or urine damage can discolour your carpets as they would with a new carpet.

No, only wool and nylon and blends of these fibres. Polypropylene and acrylic are not “dyeable”. Your operator will advise on a simple test involving you attempting to wash out a small test colour sample that will be applied to your carpet. These are generally done on an off-cut or somewhere like a wardrobe, as if it’s “dyeable” these samples will be permanent.

This will depend upon the thickness of pile and weather conditions but an average carpet will be left damp directly after it’s restored; approximately as damp as a thorough steam clean. It will take approximately 24 to 48 hours to dry completely, however it is colourfast straight away and it can be lived on. Most furniture can be replaced immediately through care must be taken in putting certain items on damp carpet. Plastic protection or coasters may need to go under stained woods, MDF, metal objects until dry.
Air blowers will be left at certain jobs at the operators discretion. Cold climates with long pile carpets are the most likely to require assistance in drying. Your operator will advise on best drying procedures relating to heaters and windows.

Yes. This may surprise a lot of people as it’s opposite to carpet replacement. Although a very clean process, a little dye can get on skirting boards and lower door frames. This will be cleaned off using methylated spirits by your Australian Carpet Dyeing operator but it is preferable to paint second.

Yes. The Australian Carpet Dyeing dyes are guaranteed colourfast for the life of the carpet. As with any carpet though, your redyed carpet will be affected by bleach cleansers, urine damage and years of exposure to sunlight will fade the colour.

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