Incredible, if you add up the savings over 144 rooms against carpet replacement. We have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars. Thanks A.C.D.

Manager, Holiday Inn, Park Suites, Melbourne

The transformation of our rooms is amazing. The carpets in our apartments was a constant problem. The cleaning and dyeing to a royal blue has fixed the stains and will be much easier to maintain. Very happy.

Manager, Quest Serviced Apartments, Tamworth, NSW

Robert, thank you for all your efforts. The darker grey has made our offices look much smarter and cleaner

Management, Kraft Foods, Port Melbourne

I couldn’t believe the difference; I’m rapt.

Mrs. McGovern, St. Kilda

Fantastic. I love the colour.

Mrs. Petrov, Essendon

Looks brand new. Thanks.

L&P Thompson, Patterson Lakes


Mrs. Davis, Altona

I’m delighted with the result; a big improvement.

Mrs. Cleary, Mt. Waverley
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